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How the podcast began...

At the end of April 2020, on a whim, Tricia Wagner mentioned to her boyfriend, Nick Borsellino, that they should start a podcast where they talk about mental health. Nick instantly was onboard, and they started recording their first podcast within a couple hours of the idea's conception. The purpose of the show is to help break the stigma around mental health by normalizing talking about it. Nick and Tricia are not experts, they are just "Regular People Talking About Mental Health."


Nick and Tricia have been in a relationship together since 2016. Nick has been sober for 5 years, and Tricia has been sober for 10 years. Throughout their relationship they both have been seeing therapists and have been interested in personal development. They both have a variety of their own mental health issues such as addiction, anxiety, depression, and ADHD that they continue to work through.


When Tricia and her son moved in with Nick in August 2019, they discovered that living together was putting new strains on their relationship and sought couple's counseling. In addition to counseling, the "Regular People Talking About Mental Health" podcast has been great tool for their relationship. It has encouraged each of them to not only talk openly, but also to listen openly to eachother's point of view.


Nick and Tricia are both aware that mental health is not a destination. Maintaining their mental health is a constant journey. They are constantly learning new things about themselves and eachother and are actively working on bettering themselves and their relationship. In the podcast they share their experiences and struggles openly in the hopes that others will be able to relate. They hope to inspire others to have honest conversations about their own mental health and what they are going through.